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Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Our Services: Wheelchair Accessible Vans

 The largest fleet of privately owned wheelchair accessible vehicles is at your disposal 24 hours a day... 7 Days a week! With our unique focus on transfers of both groups and individuals, our accessible van service will accommodate wheelchairs and scooters of any size.


Our vehicles range from low floor wheelchair accessible mini vans with ramps, to full size lift equipped vans capable of transporting up to four wheelchairs along with escorts. In the case of all our wheelchair accessible vans, the person using the wheelchair or scooter can remain in their device for the entire trip.


The driver will ensure that the passenger, while remaining in the wheelchair or scooter, will be able to enter and exit the vehicle by using either a ramp or a power lift in safety and comfort. Once inside the vehicle the driver will secure the wheelchair using the Q’straint™ restraining system. The Q’straint™ was developed in Ontario at Queens University, and is recognised world wide for its superior quality.


Our wheelchair accessible van service is available throughout Ontario. Call our dispatch now at 416-398-2222 or 1-866-398-2109 to book your next trip.