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COVID-19 - We Care About Your Health

Dear Customer,
At Dignity Transportation we understand that many people are worried about Covid-19 as are we.


We are trying to do everything that is being recommended to protect our passengers and drivers from contracting this illness.


To start with, we are disinfecting all our vehicles using Vital Oxide, a product that kills viruses including corona viruses, bacteria and funguses.


We disinfect the vehicles by fogging them so all the soft surfaces that cannot be wiped down are being disinfected as well as all the nooks and crannies that a person cannot reach are being hit.


Our next step is to ensure our drivers are following all the procedures recommended by public health.


They are washing their hands or using hand sanitizer after each client. If they are unable to do so, we are providing all of our operators with gloves that they can use when they have been unable to sanitize their hands.


All drivers have been instructed to avoid skin to skin contact with passengers as much as possible.


If any customer is being picked up who appears to be sick, the drivers have been instructed to contact the office immediately to decide whether it is safe to provide transportation.


If we do transport someone whom they suspect may be sick after they are on the vehicle, the vehicle will be disinfected before any other passengers are picked up.


We hope this will make you feel a little more comfortable when travelling with Dignity transportation Inc.

Jeff Pasoff
President Dignity Transportation Inc.